A Dreamer’s garden 

As I child regardless of where we have lived, flowers have always bloomed in abundance in our gardens. Even now as an adult… I gaze at them daily observing their quiet splendour. 

Such promise of beauty is caged in the tightly clasped buds, waiting impatiently for the sun’s rays to invite them to join the day. As they unfurl unwinding in their slow dance, large waves of petals are loosed upon the world’s view. 

Plentiful amongst the leafy foliage, these flowers strive to showcase a brilliance of colour unmatched by any artist’s swirl. Their stark beauty is short lived but burns indelible into memory as fireworks upon a cloudless black sky. 

The profusion of pinks, yellows, reds and orange hues are inspiration for any dreamer lost to the wiles of the outdoors. They are quiet yet imposing, beautiful yet simple, natural yet heavenly – an undeniably priceless show of nature. 



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