Peace of the sea 

Few places in life even in the distant past are memorable to me. But, there is something captivating about the ocean…

As a child I would lie at the shore line and let the waves rush just enough to meet my toes and stay there until the tide came in and water moved my hair around in a swirling pool of black.

I don’t think there is any other memory that brings to mind true peace as much as hearing the ocean roar loudly. It is a swell that overcomes all other senses as the warmth of the water surrounds you.

Early morning light reveals shadowy silhouettes in long rows. Fishermen, muscles taut and bodies arched in concentration as they pull in reams of seine. The caught fish jump and catapult themselves, creating a blinding silvery sheen as they are pulled onto the sand.

In the evening as the sun sets large and low sinking below the horizon it sets the sea on fire in hues of blazing orange and brilliant red. The vast shoreline stretches as far as the eye can see with an army of coconut trees buffering the land from zealous winds coming in from over the waves.

As night falls it comes as a heavy pall blanketing the sea and shore in weighty darkness. The lack of ambient light allows the sky to display its tapestry of stars like millions of diamonds set against black cloth. The froth of the ocean’s waves gleam and glitter as they crest in the moonlight.

This place allows for a serenity that overwhelms the mind, a deeply rooted solace that permeates the being and an enveloping comfort that cannot be matched by any other than this experience. Every pore of the body breathes in life and exhales love.

As imposing and mysterious the ocean may be, this is peace.


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