I’ve had my blog for about a month now and it’s safe to say I never thought anyone would even read it. The writing was an attempt to clear what was ruminating in my head more so than to necessarily reach anyone. 

The last few weeks of writing however have been surprising and I suppose encouraging. I’ve had comments and likes from people all over the world, letting them read things about myself my closest friends don’t even know. 

Why is it easier to share with people who are strangers than those who are so close? Is it a fear of judgement from people who have to see you often? Is it an attempt to keep people relatively close to you always at arms length? 

Aside from which, if there are others out there who can share the same sentiment/ feelings that I have, why then do people always feel so alone? Is communication so essential to us as human beings? 

Given the number of ways to communicate in this technologically driven world it’s strange how much we still hide our true selves. We mask, we hide, we camouflage – but to what end? 

So far writing has helped me. Regardless of views or likes, the process itself has been beneficial. I realize that I’m on a journey that I’ve only just begun. While everyday is not necessarily filled with inspiration or happiness in the grand sense of things, just the act of writing is something that feels more natural and “right” to me everyday. 


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