Sweet nothings…

Today I took a day off… Just for me. While I had no grandeur plans for the day, it became filled… I picked up a friend.. Did my nails… Had a burger… Met another friend later on… Had sushi and wine… Now back home watching Food Network. 

Nothing overly exciting but yet it was nice. I didn’t rush, I didn’t feel stressed and I didn’t get angry. It’s a feeling of contentment and ease that does not occur often. 

It’s also a feeling that was not accompanied by an underlying worry or anxiety. I barely even noticed that the day had gone by until it was done. Surprise and puzzlement then started in… 

Why do we allow life to pass us by? Why do we focus on “things” and not experiences? Why do we feel if we aren’t doing “something” that you’ve accomplished nothing? 
Sometimes it’s the little “nothings” that make your day… Be it wiggling your toes in a foot spa, eating foods you like or having a glass of wine and talking with a friend… 

Every so often, I hope others experience these types of days where “nothing” happened and it was just fine. 



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