Girl child 

I saw my daughter today. I have no biological children and it took a decade in the teaching service to really feel a real attachment for any child, but she is mine. 

I started teaching really because I wanted to do Literature everyday, and teaching was the only way to do that. I wanted people to love Literature as much as I did. My specialized area seems to be poetry which makes me even more of an anomaly since most people avoid that area if they can. 

I wouldn’t say our connection was inmediate, she started off as just another face in a sea of (usually blank) faces. But somehow over the four years that I taught her… She grew on me. Not just “on” me, more like “in” me. 

Even though she is now in university and working, I constantly check in. Are you studying? Are you sleeping? Are you eating? Are you saving money? Are you sleeping with anyone? (Cuz if you are I will kill him then you). 

I still help with the odd homework assignment as she is now a Literature student herself, brewing a love for a subject I tried my hardest to instill in them all a passion for. 

She’s changed from the meek, awkward-seeming child into this… Self assured, confident, intelligent woman that leaves me proud and in awe. Unfurling, learning, questioning … Truly becoming herself. 

I don’t want for her the pain and loneliness and suffering I’ve had. I want a life for her that’s different to mine, full of happiness, opportunity and love. 

If only one of the many hundreds I’ve had… She’s mine. 

(Jima-bean this one is for you)   


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