Friday afternoons…

A hot lazy breeze filters in through the shutters of the classroom as students languidly write their essays. The sound of a chair scraping or a slight cough disturbs the malaise of the afternoon swelter. 

Heavy sighs and furrowed brows punctuate the Friday afternoon annoyance of having to do work. This is echoed by the nervy shakes of sneakers and furtive eyes glancing outside waiting for the bell to ring. 

The jarring peal of the afternoon bell breaks the comatose spell of the afternoon haze. Papers are hurriedly stapled and stacked on the front desk while bags and folders are scooped singlehandedly into the curves of arms. 

After the lengthy drone of the voice over the PA system, a barrage of bodies and flurry of footsteps make their way from the classroom to the courtyard below. Squeals of laughter and joyous yelling embrace the end of a Friday afternoon. 

Left to the devious heat in the now empty classroom, I look around. Papers piled high rifle slightly as the dying blades of the fans creak the close of day. Tables and chairs sit askew, seemingly relieved at the promise of the weekend’s rest before once again burdening the weight of tomorrow’s future come Monday morning. 



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