With regard to existence we have no real answers pertaining to “why”. If there is a Higher Power with the ability to “control” why does he allow the things that take place? 

Over population… War… Killing… Along with numerous other ills. Couldn’t the right quota of people just “be” here and that quota “be” happy people? Or those of us that don’t fit in could clock our card and call it a day? (Maybe the community in Logan’s Run was really on to something!) 

Why do phrases such as “life isn’t fair” or “life is a struggle” resonate more in some of us? Is there a way to really disregard … Or maybe its accept… The realities of life and feel that there is still good? Can we believe that a Higher Power has direction for us though we don’t understand it? 

When will I stop asking and trying to understand why? 



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