To the point. 

I am a very straightforward person. What you see is what you get. But, it has become clear to me that yet again I expect that because I am that way, everyone else would be too… And that’s not the case. 

Don’t get me wrong. I know I have the potential to be an exceptional liar and because of this I try as much as possible to be truthful. 

I attribute my ability to lie as somehow connected to the potential that my addictive personality has and so I try to negate it entirely. But maybe by extension I am too truthful…

People don’t say what they mean or maybe they do but it’s not clear enough to me. I just find I am always in situations where I question why didn’t he/ she just say “X”, then we wouldn’t be in this position. 

I think having no expectations will always be a stumbling block for me. While we are not all the same and there will always be room for disappointment, I feel like I am always  disappointed by people. 

It is at these times I consider true isolation / a hermit- like life. That way there wouldn’t be the possibility for poor communication because there would just be none. 

Why do we continue to “put ourselves out there” to others? Why do we rely on communication yet find it hard to communicate? Why can’t people just be straightforward and to the point? 



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