Today was a good day… And that is a strange and very rare event. Days might be ok… Or just “dere”… Or “meh”… But I think (knock on the proverbial wood) I can actually say today was a good day. 

The rarity of such a revelation actually stuns you. You don’t even want to think about it too much in fear that something immediately goes vastly wrong. Everyday is usually so paralyzed with anxiety, worry and mistrust that a “good” day has to be just a trick. Additionally if you get a good day, you then realize just how “bad” every other day is to you by comparison. 

I’m usually in awe of those people who have good days frequently. Not social media good days where filters and cropping create utopia… But REAL people who genuinely have good days often. 

They exist in a realm that I can only dream of but never experience fully. What secret of life do they know that I don’t? What is so different about their circumstance or mental make up that allows them such enjoyment? Why couldn’t I be one of them? 

I had all the usual obsessions of the day – what if I don’t get my parking spot, what if the teller at the bank gets me angry I should pre arrange my lines of argument, can I leave at a certain time to avoid peak traffic to do errands so I’m not entirely pissed. 

But these thoughts today were on a lower frequency than normal. They did not consume me in the usual daily whorl of dreaded experience. Why ? I’m not sure… Even this sense of ignorance should be disconcerting to me but it’s not. 

Today was just … A good day… 



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