Nature tends to inspire me, specifically trees and the roots of trees. If I could have been an artist, landscapes would have been my sure muse. There is a peace that emanates from nature that I do not feel elsewhere. 

I am an avid photographer (via my IPhone) and I realize most of my photos are of nature. The firmness of entangled roots contrasting with far reaching branches cloaked in leaves always fills me with awe. There is just too much perfection in nature for me to believe that it is a random occurrence. 

I believe in a Higher Power. While I may not be “religious” I believe in something Greater than myself. Some “Other” that speaks to me through inspiration when I am faced with Nature. 

Believing that the Higher Power is working for you and with purpose however, does not always feel so clear. Life seems unfair and biased a lot of the time… With events that often end up tarnishing the growth that we should realize from hardship. 

Trees are a source of inspiration. The gnarled roots dig deep into earthy soil to show me the determination and perseverance needed to face each day. The hardy bark and long trunks show the effect of growth after being pounded by the elements. Long branches reaching skyward are the reminder to pursue the dreams and aspirations I have through belief in the Higher Power. 

Nature and its beauty is spiritual and serves to reflect the promise of meaningful life through faith. 



One thought on “Inspiration 

  1. Certainly, also like a river flowing waters that continue their pursuit even through unforgiving lands, under the scorching sun, against solid rocks and yet flow through them by the sheer persistence. Just like life, with its twists and turns, highs and lows, we live, love and flow. So similar to nature.

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