On the cusp of life

The level of students I teach are those at examination age, right before they go off to university. It is a poignant time in life… One where there is vast opportunity available and the potential to realize purpose. 

It’s a stage of limbo in many ways. They are not girls but not women, no longer in school but not truly out, deciding what to do in life but with time to change their minds numerously. They exist in a shade of grey at this time and decisions are not purely black or white. 

There always a sense of nervous energy about that age where teenhood is ending and adulthood is about to begin. They are able to choose any path before them – there is probably opportunity, hopefully success and thankfully room for change. 

There will be many mistakes, failures and regrets. In life we endure all of these more times then we are willing to admit. As the decades pass, the path before us often does not appear as appealing or full of promise and we question our “self” and who we have become. 

I hope that they overcome these troubles to truly become each and every “self” – brave to face adversity, open to emotion and determined never to give in when life seems against them. 

Most importantly, while there is no chance to re-do life, as time goes by I hope that they learn – not just from books but from the world. I want them to learn from their past and in so doing create a better future for themselves and others. 

They are on the cusp … Life awaits. 

(To my girls…)


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