Technology is the basis for all communication in the world now. There are great advantages and major advancements, mainly the ability to contact any of the continents or the billions of people in the world. Then why does this leave human kind more lonely than ever before?

Technology has allowed people to engage with audiences, which has turned into – followers – in a race to accumulate an army in the name of popularity. Pictures, videos, tweets disseminated to masses, yet is this true communication or a stylized, filtered version for the new generation?

People can “be” an “other” self, a fantasy self, a version of the truth that is not the truth. People can hide from the realities of life and immerse themselves in screens where they can create falsity and convince others that this is reality.

Has “communication” been lost? … The slight smile given by a stranger, the whispers of friends late at night at a sleep over, the merging of the bodies of lovers?

Real life connection is often displaced or way laid by technology and the world it offers online. This leaves people void of conversation, bored of reading and feeling anxious almost to the point of mania when they have to detach and also… Lonely.

A deep, aching, empty sense of loneliness, because the return to the real world and the true self is not appealing. It has been left dormant for continued periods of time and now seems like a strange, alien world each time you return to it. There is no acceptance of this life by “followers”.

People are beginning to lose the language of communication – the realness of life, behaviour and conversation. The need to detach from technology at times is necessary to maintain balance in one’s mind and body.

Can we truly regain control of what it means to communicate? Will we allow ourselves to engage the world once more? Will we be able to face life and its obstacles along with its triumphs?

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