It seems as if my body rejects the feeling of inner peace. Once things begin to feel “ok” or serene, anxiety sets in that something should be “happening”… Why do we feel the need for drama and unease? 

Today’s world is filled with shows/ events/ news that all revolve around melee. Tumult and chaos fills our everyday perspective so much, that when we get to our quiet spaces… There is a sense of anxiety and a craving for stimulation at all times. 
It’s like the high frequency noise you get when you turn off the tv, an underlying static or hum that pervades the thoughts, a gnawing that is relentless in its persistence – something should be happening. 

Nothing seems to fully soothe the soul. Books are piled nearby, music lined up to be streamed, pages waiting to be written on… But detaching from the nervous energy that sets in once I sit in my room is near impossible. 

I know I need to engage in the right formula to achieve the acceptance of quiet. Working steps… Meditating… Exercise… But so much of everyday life and procrastination gets in the way that even though I know the formula, working it is much harder. 

How do I forfeit the burden of unease? How will I allow myself to engage in finding true serenity? 

How will I go about accepting that life does not have to be a treacherous passage of anxiety, rather a journey of peaceful engagement with the world? 


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