It is always difficult to see friends struggle in life. It is even more difficult to just be a good listener and not give your own input or advice. 

When you are on the outside looking in, “answers” seems much easier to come by. So why then do people IN situations seem so trapped? Why don’t they appear to have the same clarity? 

Do we allow emotional involvement to overrule what may be an obvious solution? Is it that we have faith in change for the better? Do we fear failure so much that we rather suffer than admit “defeat”? … Or is it something entirely different?

Life is like a patchwork quilt. Some pieces bright and happy… Other parts dark and roughly pieced together… Other parts remain unfinished. 

Finding sympathy… Empathy… Or pity for others in bad relationships, dead end jobs, dysfunctional families can be hard because those of us on the outside don’t see the length of breadth of the person’s quilt… Rather only the one square they show us at that point in time. 

This does not mean I don’t feel compelled to give advice sometimes or offer some if I’m asked. But sometimes it’s best to just listen… Without judgement (as hard as it may be) and try to remember that not everyone’s choices will seem ‘right’ but at that point in time might be best. 



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