The deformed hand casts its shadow

Ageless and belonging to no one

It performs its necessary tyranny

Taking while unable to give

It belongs to that which knows no boundaries

No mere being, it is un-thwarted by the passage of time

The killer of existence yet existing only while existence lives too

Death walks as all do

Never feeling the pain which it inflicts upon all living

Stealing that which it shall never have to give up itself until it has done its job fully

Life is its source of life

To prevent insanity, overpopulation and chaos it does its duty

It seeps, it grabs and it permeates

Known universally by one meaning, seen by no one but inevitably felt by all

It shall one day come to you

Death walks as all do

June 26


One thought on “Death

  1. History sheds light on the will of man to live forever.
    Akexander the great one said conquer fear and you shall conquer death.
    The Egyptians mummified their dead with the belief that they would rise and correct the mistakes in history.

    Death personified by the man with the sceptre. The boat that transports souls across the river to the underworld. Unforgiving never resting has intrigued mankind till date.

    Some take to it as a means to end all suffering, to the extent that some countries have even legalized euthanasia.
    However, we can conquer it by living each day to the fullest and sowing memories that would be cherished and remembered long after death has taken us. This death can never conquer.

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