Birthday Musing

As I celebrated my Birthday, it ushered in the beginning of my 32nd year and with it, a startling truth.

I am getting older yes, that is a given, and probably no closer to who I want to be but I feel as if I’m finally beginning to explore who I really am.

Growing up we tend to generate so much self hate and self deprecation that we forget that we are beings in the process of maturing / learning / exploring. Definite in our many mis-steps and failures but resilient in our ability to over come these stumblings in character.

The race to accomplish all that we “should” be often leaves us empty and doubtful of true direction. Yet there are certain points in life where we feel compelled to stop, listen and heed the beckoning call of inner truth.

New Years and birthdays are time frames which present people with a past and a possible future – a chance to start fresh and loose themselves of the burdens they’ve carried with them and renew their focus. It is by facing and learning from the mistakes of the past that people can progress.

I’ve chosen to allow myself to become more introspective and self analytical because I want to know why I am who I am, why I do the things I do and why I feel the emotions I feel.

At 32, I know that I want Peace – of mind, body and soul. Achieving and maintaining serenity are key if I am to face the challenges of everyday life. I want to believe I am worthy of more than I allow for myself, and focus on positivity in order to accept the reality that who I am is, and always will be, a work in progress.

I want to be as true to my self as I can be, even if that means shattering the expectations I had for this point in my life, and instead embracing the course my life has taken up until this point to allow for me to be … the present Me.


One thought on “Birthday Musing

  1. Firstly wishing you a belated happy birthday. Secondly this is my fourth attempt to comment on the blog due to some glitch with my phone :-).
    Personally i believe that age is just a number. At 34 i feel life to be more beautiful each day, as we mature things around us gain different perspectives.
    As someone said it’s the journey that matters, the stumbles, the falls, the friendships that happen enroute, are the treasures and learnings of life.
    Each day is your new page go forth make it interesting.

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