Health and humanity 

I spent most of the day in my town’s General Hospital, and for anyone who knows about Third World countries you already have a preconceived idea of total inescapable horror.

Customer service and bedside manner are usually more of a luxury that you pay for and do not expect in such places as these. Yet unlike the stereotypical idea of nurses and doctors, everyone l encountered (and there were many) were pleasant, funny even and very amiable.

I wondered at the roles of these attendants and the part they play in people’s lives. As a teacher I attempt to mold minds but as a doctor/nurse there is the daunting task of trying to cure.

Pain, suffering, death is coupled everyday with relief, happiness, life at a hospital. A cosmos of emotions and a myriad of memories made each day through the experience of dealing with hundreds of patients and by extension their families.

Sometimes we are so self absorbed with our problems and needs that we forget the daily tasks and experiences of others. Having to face rows of elderly, sick, needy patients cannot be easy and must take a measure of patience and endurance only few could muster.

I was thankful for my own health and that I was not there for an emergency rather protocol but I was also enlightened by the challenges these workers must face everyday. I saw a different side of humanity today and while it was inspiring, I was also glad I did not have to face that burden daily of the realities of life and death.


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