Group anonymity 

I used to frequently attend an all women’s meeting for family members of addicts and while I hadn’t gone to it for a long time, I went today.

These groups are “anonymous” – first name only basis just like a regular group for addicts. Yet, what is shared in these rooms among what amounts to be a group of strangers, is probably more truth than is shared with people you’ve known as long as you’ve known yourself.

The group consciousness or its psyche or vibe, whatever you want to call it, cannot be explained and is inexplicable. It is a bond that only these people in that room have during a session can truly understand.

People who do not live with or know addicts will never understand the fear, tension, stress, confusion, sadness, loneliness, anger and/or pain that we feel. Yet these strangers sitting in this room know all of these and more and can relate to every action/reaction by you and your addict.

The fact that there is a place you can go where there is no judgement made, a place that you can speak freely, a place where you can say nothing at all, is always comforting and liberating.

You are not alone in the maelstrom. There are others also clinging to the slogans, readings and meditation in the hopes of being understood and being made to understand the often duplicitous and chaotic life of being codependent on an addict.


One thought on “Group anonymity 

  1. So true at least in these meetings we realize we are not alone and another persons situation might be more serious but we have each other.


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