The age old adage of “have no expectations therefore there will be no disappointment” is something I’ve never been able to come to terms with. 

I have expectations and they are HIGH.  It is hard for me to just not have expectations of people or realize that they are not going to do the things I expect of them. I expect to be disappointed to some degree by my students because they are children and children are supposed to do nonsense and not listen because they are still growing so that I can accept. 

Grown adults however I have a real issue with. In the work place especially or even otherwise I expect excellence and that we are always working towards that, especially BECAUSE of our job. I cannot want the best / expect the best OR GET the best if I am not the best myself. 

This does not necessarily mean perfection as everyone is flawed. But I expect that you are the best that your flawed self will allow. Therefore underwhelming performance by people irks the core of my being. 

I constantly have to remind myself that not everyone has the expectations that I have in everyday situations. It is trying and usually ends in vexation on my part but it is a hard lesson I must learn. 




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