Bay Leaf

Thin veiny ropes envelope the hardy stump

A long forgotten giant whose pungent smell

Tainted memories of my  childhood

Vines snake their way down to the roots

A scaly covering to this still living moment

It pulses of hidden tales whispering of a time long gone

Hands once picked these leaves to add to pots

In warm humid kitchens to add flavour

And tease the palates of a horde of children

Arms encircled the wide trunk in games of catch

Backs curved against the branches as bodies played hide and seek

Hot breaths fueled fires behind insects that crawled on its leaves

This grand overseer remains a reminder of a past life

When time crawled slowly and spirits spoke from dew drops

Imagination was a driving force that carried us away –

In the shadow of the Bay Leaf Tree.

Nature 3

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