Single, singular, only, one…alone. 

I have not been in a relationship in just about five years. Being single and seeing so many other people in relationships brings to mind one question: why do they do it?

Maybe I’ve spent so much time alone I realize I don’t want to share my space or myself with anyone in that way… or maybe it’s the lack of connection made with anyone in the last five years that makes me cringe even at the thought. Regardless of the reason… Relationships on the whole and the concept of it seem queer to me now.

The idea of having to take someone with imperfections and annoyances and love them “unconditionally” wile navigating the do’s and don’t’s of what a relationship is “supposed” to be seems like added work I’m not prepared to engage in anymore. The world seems to have changed so much since I was out “looking” for someone that there are all these rules now that I just don’t know how to abide by in the dating world.

Why do people have an innate desire to seek out some other? Are we really just halves walking around searching for a whole? Is man meant to not live alone? And if so… What does it mean for those of us who ARE alone? Did we fall outside of some societal expectation or were we so damaged that now we cannot be “fixed” ?…



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